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The Tricorder Is Real (Kinda)
Published on 26 December 2013 23:35

When Walter De Brouwer puts his head to something, he can produce single-handedly what usually takes several hospital machines and labs. His single hand, it should be said, holds a small and promising device with which Mr. De Brouwer, the co-founder and chief executive of Scanadu, hopes to remake medicine.  Read more...

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Old Strange Inventions In Pictures... In Video
Published on 23 December 2013 23:35

Some inventions don't stand the test of time. 

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The Surreal, Cyborg Future Of Telemarketing
Published on 21 December 2013 23:35

Americans are fielding millions of calls from bright, energetic telemarketers, but what they don't know is that they're talking to machines... Sort of.  Read more...

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Google Glass Adds 'Wink' Gesture To Take Pictures
Published on 19 December 2013 23:35

Who thought that was a good, not-creepy idea? 

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How Much Do PS4 And Xbox One's New Graphics Matter?
Published on 06 December 2013 23:35

Do graphics and immersion make for a great game?  Read more...

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Why We Love Rube Goldberg Machines
Published on 04 December 2013 23:35

What makes a Rube Goldberg machine so charming, so familiar, is that they are so quietly biological. They often require, need, living things to make them tick.  Read more...

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Would You Murder A Robot?
Published on 28 November 2013 23:35

We form such strong emotional bonds with machines that people can’t be cruel to them even though they know they are not alive. So should robots have rights?  Read more...

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Teaching Computers Common Sense
Published on 25 November 2013 23:35

Researchers are trying to plant a digital seed for artificial intelligence by letting a massive computer system browse millions of pictures and decide for itself what they all mean.  Read more...

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How Disney Makes Hyper-Realistic Snow
Published on 23 November 2013 23:35

A Disney graphics designer explains how snow is made and controlled in the upcoming film "Frozen".  Read more...

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How Do Game Companies Share Massive Files?
Published on 22 November 2013 23:35

The logistics needed to develop a complex game like Battlefield 4 were certainly not child's play. The complete game files were as large as 50GB, and future games with more advanced graphics for the new Xbox One console are likely to be even bigger.  Read more...

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